Will not forget today, or Charles in a hurry

I felt compelled to pen this on my Facebook page earlier today, so have decided to re-post it here.

“Been a bit (well, totally and utterly) floored since first hearing the news about the death of Charles Kennedy announced on the radio just after 6am. He had some rare political gifts, and took some positions that sprang from the same political home as mine, even though I considered myself on a different ‘wing’ when I was a member of the same party. I was lucky enough to work in close quarters to him for a few years in the 90s. He also battled with the same ‘demon’ as my Dad, which led to his early death three years ago, so the news has inevitably brought much reflecting. My heart goes out to those I know who have the honour of knowing him a whole lot better than I – his family and friends. A big ‘thank you’ Charles; may you rest in peace.”


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