Sounds of 2022

Selecting my favourite tunes of 2022 has not come so easy this year, but listening back to releases and discoveries from during the past twelve months is always a useful process in itself.

Vintage postcard image of the exterior and interior of the Embassy Ballroom on the West Sands holiday camp at Selsey Bill, West Sussex where I used to holiday as a child in the 1970s.

Updating a playlist regularly called ‘Now Playing: in my Embassy Ballroom’ keeps me on top of things to an extent. That names flows from trying to recapture the sense of awe I felt as a seven year old, setting foot on the huge sprung wooden dance floor of what felt like a large entertainment complex at our annual holiday destination in Selsey Bill in the 1970s (see picture postcard image above). Ha!

The tunes below (and on the attached ‘Sounds of 2022’ playlists on YouTube and Spotify) are a meander through what I feel represent the best of them – music released this year, or tunes I have been lucky enough to have discovered this year thanks to the public service broadcasting of late night BBC Radio 3 or daytime BBC Radio 6Music – ‘thank you’ to both!

Gretel Hanlyn – ‘Today

Trevor Beales – ‘City Lights

Rosina Bullen – ‘Lie Down My Love

Clara Mann – ‘Thread

Alex Rex – ‘Wastwater

Brenda Wootton, John The Fish – ‘Stars‘ (1968)

Jesca Hoop – ‘Hatred Has a Mother

Andrew Tuttle – ‘Overnights’s a Weekend


Unloved feat. Raven Violet – ‘Turn of the Screw

Sun’s Signature – ‘Underwater

Francis Lung – ‘2p Machine

Angeline Morrison – ‘Unknown African Boy (d. 1830)

Jockstrap – ‘Glasgow

Hifi Sean & David McAlmont – ‘Maybe

Tomberlin – ‘sunstruck

Studio Electrophonique – ‘Happier Things

Belle and Sebastian – ‘If They’re Shooting at You

Helen Love – ‘Clearing Out Mum’s House

Father John Misty – ‘Goodbye Mr. Blue

Sounds of 2022 – click through for each of 20 videos.

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