Blog: Categories

* Book Reviews: posts keeping tabs on anything that I have read. Dedicated to recommendations and reviews of books, journals and websites.

* Family History: posts relating to #52ancestors which I got involved with in 2023, and anything else related to genealogical research.

* Life:  posts dedicated to absolutely anything of interest in my personal space – currently anything from linocut to mindfulness; Leeds United to sourdough baking; Ben Whishaw to botanical prints.  Anything outside my professional or inquiring mind that helps me reflect, breathe or smile.

* Listening: posts related to the art of listening, to my love of radio, or to the growth in podcasting.

* Local: posts relating to anything to do with my local community in Yateley, Hampshire, and the Blackwater Valley area on the Surrey/Hampshire border.

* Not Life: posts relating to anything else – usually negative – to do with being part of this thing we call life.

* Politics: posts with a political tinge, whether pragmatically, or philosophically.

* PR & Communications: posts related to the professional discipline I have called ‘home’ for the last 25 years or so, including issues connected with rhetoric, and persuasion.

* Sound Vault: posts related to the most recent voluntary project I have been involved with, a community driven podcast & online audio network, set up in partnership with Farnham Maltings.