#52ancestors (Wk22): At the Cemetery – George Backhouse

The cemetery is our location in this week’s family history post, coming after the ‘delight’ of seeing the corpse of Leeds United’s three-year return to the English Premier League well and truly buried at the end of the 2022/23 season this last weekend. The club was relegated back to the EFL Championship, ending with it … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk22): At the Cemetery – George Backhouse


#52ancestors (Wk20): Bearded – Thomas Arundell, First Baron Arundell of Wardour

Top billing for a triumphant beard on the face of a nobleman. Thomas Arundell, 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour (c1560-1639) cuts a fair dash and secured himself quite a reputation in the annals of the history of England some 450 years ago. Thomas Arundell, 1st Baron of Wardour (c1560-1639). Public Domain. Arundell had to be … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk20): Bearded – Thomas Arundell, First Baron Arundell of Wardour

#52ancestors (Wk16): Should Be a Movie – Spencer Simpson

It’s got all the ingredients. He’s got more than a hint of actor James Cagney about him in many photos. Maybe from some angles, even Herbert Lom with my grandfather’s slicked back hair in younger days. My grandfather Spencer Simpson - more than a whiff of James Cagney. His wife, despite having a difficult life … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk16): Should Be a Movie – Spencer Simpson

#52ancestors (Wk15): Solitude – Reginald Richard Hale

The isolation of a farm cottage surrounded by rolling Hampshire fields above Wootton St, Lawrence, just north of Basingstoke, England provides the backdrop for the beginning of the life of my Mum’s Mum’s Dad – my great grandfather, Reginald Richard Hale (1899-1981) – and likely infuses this tale with more than its share of solitude … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk15): Solitude – Reginald Richard Hale

#52ancestors (Wk14): Begins with a Vowel – Emily Charlotte Vickery

Pepé the pet poodle is pretty emblematic of the challenge facing us in getting a grip on the personality of my Mum’s Mum’s Mum, my great grandmother Emily Charlotte Vickery (1901-1967). To my Mum and her two sisters (pictured below), she was their sweet Nan who was missing an eye due to a wood-chopping accident, … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk14): Begins with a Vowel – Emily Charlotte Vickery