#52ancestors (Wk19): Bald – Crabtree Simpson

It’s all about the name. As soon as I stumbled upon the identity of my 3x great grandfather Crabtree Simpson (1831-1903) of Bradford, West Yorkshire (England), one image immediately locked itself in my head, and has never left. If a film had ever been made of my family’s ancestry, my Dad’s, Dad’s, Dad’s, Dad’s, Dad … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk19): Bald – Crabtree Simpson


#52ancestors (Wk8): I Can Identify – John Willie Simpson & Ellen Walton

I can identify John Willie Simpson and Ellen Walton as one of my four sets of great grandparents, but they are the couple with the least essential information associated with their profiles. In the case of Ellen, her family line goes no further back than this, and is the least well populated on my entire … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk8): I Can Identify – John Willie Simpson & Ellen Walton