#52ancestors (Wk14): Begins with a Vowel – Emily Charlotte Vickery

Pepé the pet poodle is pretty emblematic of the challenge facing us in getting a grip on the personality of my Mum’s Mum’s Mum, my great grandmother Emily Charlotte Vickery (1901-1967). To my Mum and her two sisters (pictured below), she was their sweet Nan who was missing an eye due to a wood-chopping accident, … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk14): Begins with a Vowel – Emily Charlotte Vickery


#52ancestors (Wk6): Social Media – Alfred Vickery

Surnames provide those instinctive foundation ‘props’ when first getting stuck into drawing up a family tree. Over time, stories become the driving interest, but when I began, it was always those names. When it comes to this week’s #52ancestors theme of ‘Social Media,’ surnames provide an easy ‘hashtagable’ way of sharing my interest areas, not … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk6): Social Media – Alfred Vickery

#52ancestors (Wk4): Education – Rhoda Phillips

While the theme for this week’s chosen ancestor is ‘Education,’ the inspiration for the choice is related to a simple link, more to do with the home address for the last few decades of her life – School Hill, Little Sandhurst, Berkshire. My 2x great grandmother, Rhoda Phillips. Rhoda Phillips [7 February, 1876 (Dipley, Hampshire) … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk4): Education – Rhoda Phillips