#52ancestors (Wk8): I Can Identify – John Willie Simpson & Ellen Walton

I can identify John Willie Simpson and Ellen Walton as one of my four sets of great grandparents, but they are the couple with the least essential information associated with their profiles. In the case of Ellen, her family line goes no further back than this, and is the least well populated on my entire … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk8): I Can Identify – John Willie Simpson & Ellen Walton


#52ancestors (Wk6): Social Media – Alfred Vickery

Surnames provide those instinctive foundation ‘props’ when first getting stuck into drawing up a family tree. Over time, stories become the driving interest, but when I began, it was always those names. When it comes to this week’s #52ancestors theme of ‘Social Media,’ surnames provide an easy ‘hashtagable’ way of sharing my interest areas, not … Continue reading #52ancestors (Wk6): Social Media – Alfred Vickery